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Who are we?

Kathryn has been an active member of the fitness community for some years now. It has since become such an ingrained part of her lifestyle, the next obvious step was to work within the industry.

Having experienced the benefits of Body Composition Analysis, first hand, Kathryn saw an opportunity to make it possible for others to achieve their health and fitness goals, with the help of an Evolt360 body scan.

And, Smart Body Scans was formed.

What is the Evolt 360?

The worlds first Intelligent BioScan in 60 seconds!

How does it work?

The Evolt 360 is a BIA device, (or Bio-electrical Impedence Analysis). These work by passing low intensity, safe electrical currents through the body, measuring bioelectric impedence as they go. With the Evolt 360, you will get a fully non-inasive, accurate, and comprehensive break down of your body composition including:

  • Total weight and fat mass

  • Body fat percentage

  • Visceral fat (fat surrounding your organs also known as the “hidden fat”)

  • Lean body and skeletal muscle mass (the stuff you want more of!)

  • Total body water (more stuff you want more of!)

  • Overall body balance - A segmented look at where it all sits on your body; upper versus lower and left versus right.

Why is it important?

An Evolt 360 Bioscan helps you plan and track your health and fitness goals. Progress can’t be tracked by weight alone. With Smart Body Scans, reaching your health & wellness goals, has never been easier.



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Our Services


At Smart Body Scans, our goal is to provide local gyms, corporate businesses and bootcamps/fitness challenges, an extra motivator and progress tracking element to their members, employees and clients. Providing tools to assist them in their quest for an active healthy lifestyle.

As part of your consultation you will receive a print out with comprehensive analysis of your results and access to the EvoltActive App to see your progress at any time.

Once you have had your scan with Smart Body Scans, you can access the app, which provides you with a personalised macro nutrient profile, based on your goals and body composition.


The Smart Body Scan 4 Step process for success.

  1. Register on the EvoltActive App

  2. Book a scan

  3. Track your macros

  4. .Achieve your goals.





individual SMART Bio Scan

For just $40 you will receive your individual Bio Scan complete with access to the Evolt360 App and a comprehensive analysis of your results.



gyms, boot camps and groups of 10 or more

Contact us for group discount rates




Thanks so much for the scan. It's great to have a starting point and have some clear goals to work towards. The scan is super comprehensive and I really appreciate all of your help and explanations in reading it. I can't wait to do my follow up in 8 weeks time!!

Donna Birt, Auckland

Wow what an awesome device and Kathryn is very informative, I now have all the info I need to kick start my summer weight lose campaign!

Spid Pye, Auckland





Kathryn Taylor Owner: 027 307 4834

Email: info@smartbodyscans.co.nz

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/smartbodyscans.co.nz

If you are interested in learning more, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to talk you through a Smart BioScan and how it can help transform your health goals